Any one who has minor children must, must, must have a will to establish guardianship

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Wills – everyone needs one

Every adult needs a will – no matter the size of your estate, the value of your assets or the size of your family, you should have a will.

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A WILL is important for couples with children
“After the twins were born, we knew we needed a will to set up guardians in case the worst happens.”

If you don’t have a will, the court will disburse your assets according to California law. But you may not want to do it exactly according to the law for intestate succession. For instance, it might not make sense in your family’s circumstances to allocate equal shares of your estate to each child. Other matters such as community and separate property also need to be sorted out so that your last will truly represents your wishes.

If you’ve got a Will or Trust, you can distribute your possessions, your investments, your heirlooms exactly the way you want.

Protect your children

Even if you don’t have substantial assets, if you do have kids, you need a will to set up guardians for them. Selecting guardians to raise your kids in your absence is something you don’t want to leave to anyone else, especially not strangers.

If you do have assets you want to pass to your children, the law requires that an adult manage any property, money or other assets a child under 18 may inherit.

Do it yourself?

Wills, in most cases, are  relatively easy and inexpensive to prepare. But it is not just a matter of filling out a form. In order to protect your estate and your children, you need a will and it is advisable to have a lawyer help you.

I’d be happy to meet with you or chat on the phone about drafting a will with you. The first consultation is free and their is no obligation.


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