Lynn Ryder says, "Estate planning should consider all generations as well as health care and end of life decisions."

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Proper estate planning will preserve your assets, allow you to buy what you want today and, in the end, distribute your remaining assets exactly as you wish.

trust planning takes into account all generations, even those yet to come
“It’s time to start thinking about college for my granddaughter and how I can make that path smoother.”

As important as it is, many people, particularly folks who do not consider themselves wealthy, put off estate planning. That’s partly because it looks complicated, but a sound estate plan consists of only four essential parts, none of them terribly complex.

Revocable Living Trust

A plan that keeps your assets under your control while you are living but specifies in detail who gets what and when after you die. If you live in California and own a house, you probably need a trust. If you have assets worth more than $150,000, you need a trust. It will free your family of the burden of probate.


This document details how you want your assets and possessions distributed after your death. A pour over will works

in conjunction with a Living Trust, “pouring” assets outside the trust  into the trust when you die.

Wills are not just for old folks. If you have minor children, your will nominates a guardian to care for them in the event that you pass away before they reach 18.

Durable Power of Attorney

Names an individual to act in your behalf on specified matters should you be incapacitated.

Advance Health Care Directive

Appoints an agent who will carry out your wishes for healthcare if you are unable to communicate for yourself.

This one is difficult to think about, but who do you want making the toughest decisions for you?

Click Advance Health Care Directive to see what the document contains.

I’ll help you build an estate plan that will bring you peace of mind and ensure that you maintain control of your life. Your first consultation is free. And, if you’re more comfortable discussing these issues at home, I’ll come to you at no extra charge.

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