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Whether one needs a will or a living trust – whether one is more concerned about leaving a legacy or preparing for incapacity, it takes a conversation.

Elder law is only partly about seniors

Elder law counseling is also  important to their children and other family who are concerned about their well-being.

Elder law - help with Social Security, Veterans Benefits, Disability
I found that the folks at Social Security are knowledgeable, helpful and very friendly. There’s no need to be timid about calling them and don’t worry about asking for clarification.

You’ve come to the right place if you, your parent or another person you advise:

– Is concerned about long-term health issues, health-care directives, durable power of attorney

– Wants advice on a will,  either a new one or review of an existing document

– Thinks they might need to set up or modify an existing Revocable Living Trust.

– Wants to understand the probate process and how to avoid this lengthy, expensive process.

– Wants advice on a conservatorship for someone who can no longer  take care of the physical, medical, housing or financial details of their own lives.

An estate plan is a life plan

I strongly emphasize to my clients that estate planning should not only include what happens to one’s property after death, but should strengthen the life planning before death – anticipating life changes such as incapacity, long term health and care, retirement.

As an estate planning attorney who volunteers at Grey Law of Ventura County and pays attention to the needs of aging individuals, I am familiar with professional as well as non-legal resources – public and private- available in Ventura County.

It’s my job to provide counsel along with well-drafted documents: Will, Living Trust, Durable Power of Attorney, and Advance Health Care Directive. The consultation is free.

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