Durable Power of Attorney

If you become disabled or incompetent, who will manage your finances and your property?

For a period of time – until the court can intervene – nothing can happen unless you have named an agent to act in your behalf.

There is a straight-forward method for designating the agent and delimiting his duties. It’s the durable power of attorney.

A durable power of attorney specifies your choice of who should take care of your affairs when you are unable
“It’s Grandma who needs to be taken care of now, and she’s asked me to do that naming me the “attorney in fact” in a durable power of attorney.

Your  agent can be a professional manager, a relative or a friend … anyone you pick. And you can pick more than one agent to address various components of your estate.

A durable power of attorney is the document that designates who you want to manage your possessions and your money when you cannot. It is an essential piece of your estate planning that we will help you construct.

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