A living trust allows you to spend your money as you like and then leave it to generations beyond, even those not yet born.

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Common knowledge says that you want to avoid probate. And common knowledge, in this instance, is right.  A living trust is exactly the tool you need.

What is probate; how does a living trust help me avoid it?

On the face of it, probate is really not that bad. It’s simply the system we use in this country to distribute our assets after we die. The court determines who gets what and when they get it, usually based on the will.

The reason to avoid probate is that the process can be very costly and very time consuming – sometimes a year or more to get it all sorted out.

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Having a Revocable Living Trust means there’s no need for probate. If you establish a Trust, you remain in total control of your assets: You can spend what you like, buy what you want, invest as you desire and give gifts.

“I want to give everything to the little ones, but want to make sure I have enough to live on.”
“I want to give everything to the little ones, but want to make sure I have enough to live on.you please.

The trust simply establishes in detail who gets what, when and how much after you die. It even allows you to specify certain contingencies and conditions, for example earmarking money for a nephew’s college fund or the care of your pet. And you name the trustee.

You lay out the game plan for disbursing your assets when you die and your trustee must follow it. While you are alive, you have complete control and continue to administer your assets with the power to easily change trustees, amend, revoke or terminate the trust at any time.

How much does it cost?

We do not work on an hourly basis. The whole billable hours concept is contrary to my personal beliefs about our mission as lawyers. So, after we consult on your situation, I’ll establish a flat fee. There will be no surprises.

By the way, I do not charge for the first consultation.

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