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I got immersed in estate planning, wills and trust, elder law and long-term care when my mother-in-law started to decline.

We didn’t know where to turn. I wasn’t a lawyer yet, and my husband

Mom and I both love crosswords. Sometimes we each need a little help, particularly writing wills and trusts
Mom and I both love crosswords. Sometimes we each need a little help.

and I struggled to figure out how best to care for his mom.

We were lucky. When she was still fit, she had gotten everything in order: a will, a durable power of attorney, an advanced directive for health care… (She spelled out exactly what she wanted and indoctrinated her son for a decade on what she wanted when final decisions had to be made). She had meticulously inventoried her investments and property  and everything was set to pass on with minimum fuss (no probate, minimum taxes).

A stroke in her mid-80’s wiped out most of her memory. She still loved to have visitors but now she didn’t recognize them, not even her son. Yet she seemed happy and when we’d visit we’d find her sitting with her face to the sun, smiling. Another stroke put her in a terminal coma and she was gone before her long-term care insurance had kicked in.

And then my own mom moved to an assisted living facility.

Frankly, we were a little late getting her life plan in order. At 90, she was doing great, but we knew that many of her contemporaries didn’t make it that far. She had some complicated issues, limited funds, some health problems and we tried with all our resources to ensure her comfort and happiness.

On August 2, 2015, with my sister there holding her hand and me on the Five driving like a demon to see her one last time, mom passed away. 

One of my personal missions is to do some lobbying, to advise people that they need to plan for the final acts in their life play, that their kids need to know what their parents want and acquire the tools to fulfill their wishes.

I can give you a hand, help work through the issues, set priorities and take care of legal formalities to ensure your desires are carried out.

Give me call at 805.644.4707  and we can talk about your situation either on the phone or you can come to my office for a free preliminary consultation. If your mobility is impaired, I can come to you. Just ask.

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